Delicious eggs, laid by fabulous hens

Why Choose Beechwood Farm

Everything Free Range

Its all about the hen and the ability to express her natural behaviour.  This includes roaming outside, dust bathing, laying her eggs in a nest and roosting at night.  Our hens have access to the outdoors from sunrise to sunset.

Support your local producers

Beechwood Farm have been producing eggs in Berkshire for the last 60 years.  We supply our eggs to local shops, restaurants, pubs and hotels.  In addition to our wholesale business, you can find our eggs at many local markets.

Where do we Supply?

We deliver to Berkshire, Oxfordshire, Hampshire, Wiltshire and South Gloucestershire.

Why are our eggs so fresh?

The eggs are collected daily, then graded and packed on the same day.  Our eggs typically hit the shelf or the kitchen within 36 hours of being laid.  Compare this to a typical supermarket egg, which has to transit the supply chain, this means that local fresh eggs never tasted so good.

Established Family Business

Beechwood Farm was started by Walter Rice in the 1950’s and back then free range was the only way to produce eggs.  The farm supplied local people and shops on a small scale.  The business was developed further by John, his Son and today is managed daily by Nathan – Walters Grandson. Today we have bigger barns and a few more hens than Walter did but the chickens live the same way, with access to the outdoors and the ability to express their natural behaviour.