Our Birds are Out! Lifting of Temporary Housing Order

Our birds are out from under the housing order imposed recently due to the risk of avian flu.

The higher than average risk that caused the ban in the first place was from wild birds over wintering here in the UK.  The majority of these birds have now left the UK – presumably realising that the UK is a rubbish choice for a winter holiday.  Those that are resident wildfowl are busy with the breeding season and less likely to travel for food away from their nesting areas.

With this great news we are allowing the birds outside again to stretch their legs and enjoy the sunshine (when we have some). Of course when it comes to chickens there are always the rebels in the crowd and some have decided that being in the warm, next to the food and some cosy bedding is a better choice than venturing outside but we encourage to them out everyday.

The lifting of the temporary housing order does not mean the risks of avian flu have totally gone – it’s just that the risk is no higher than other areas of the UK.  We continue to adhere to strict biosecurity measures such as minimising the movement of birds in and out of the flock, cleaning footwear used in the barns and ensuring the birds are housed in clean and tidy areas.

Chief Veterinary Officer Nigel Gibbens said:
We continually review our disease control measures in light of new scientific evidence and veterinary advice. Based on the latest evidence on reduced numbers of migratory and resident aquatic wild birds we believe that kept birds in the areas we previously designated as Higher Risk are now at the same level of risk as the rest of England and may now be let outside.
However, all keepers must still observe strict disease prevention measures to reduce the risk of contamination from the environment, where the virus can survive for several weeks in bird droppings.
This does not mean business as usual: the risk from avian flu has not gone away and a Prevention Zone remains in place, requiring keepers across England to take steps to prevent disease spreading. We continue to keep measures under review and keepers should check GOV.UK for regular updates.
If you have any questions about avian flu or the recent housing order, please get in touch with us

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