Eggs are a ‘natural pharmacy’, new report reveals

Eggs are “nature’s very own multivitamin” according to a new study that says health professionals could actively promote the consumption of eggs.

Nutritionist Dr Carrie Ruxton, the report’s author, says that eggs are a “natural pharmacy” of vitamins, minerals and protein which puts them on par with most superfoods.

But with one exception, they are much cheaper and more versatile than your quinoa and kale.

The report, commissioned by the British Egg Industry Council, is aimed at promoting the growing evidence linking regular consumption of eggs to positive health benefits.

NFU poultry board chairman Duncan Priestner said: “The nutritional properties of eggs are overwhelming and it is fantastic to see these qualities recognised by experts in the health field.

“With their ability to provide essential vitamins, minerals, fatty acids and proteins, the egg has really secured its place in a healthy, balanced diet.

“Eggs in the UK are produced to very high production and welfare standard.

“The NFU continues to work with the public and industry, including the BEIC, to promote British eggs and the benefits they can offer.”

In the report, Dr Carrie Ruxton said: “In recent years, eggs have also found favour with health professionals both in the UK and USA when out-of-date advice to restrict egg consumption due to fears about cholesterol was finally overturned.

“This has given the green light to egg lovers to enjoy their favourite dish as often as they like.”

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