Choline acknowledged as vital nutrient during pregnancy

Medical experts have formally acknowledged the importance of choline during pregnancy – This is a nutrient found in significant quantities in EGGS! It is known that choline is important for liver function, normal brain development, nerve function, muscle movement, supporting energy levels and maintaining a healthy metabolism. A study at the University of Rochester MedicalContinue reading “Choline acknowledged as vital nutrient during pregnancy”

Eggs are a ‘natural pharmacy’, new report reveals

Eggs are “nature’s very own multivitamin” according to a new study that says health professionals could actively promote the consumption of eggs. Nutritionist Dr Carrie Ruxton, the report’s author, says that eggs are a “natural pharmacy” of vitamins, minerals and protein which puts them on par with most superfoods. But with one exception, they areContinue reading “Eggs are a ‘natural pharmacy’, new report reveals”